2016/7/2 10:58:04

Jun 22-24,2016 Huizhou Wisdom Power Technology Co., ltd take part in an exhibition-2016 Munich International Solar Energy in MUNICH, GERMANY OUR Booth NO.:B1.650D.

There are dozens of protential customer to visit our booth over 20 countries.

Main visited our company's solar battery BPG GEL solar battery, BPD deep cycle battery and OPZV battery for solar system.Many asked the entire solar system, and Motive power battery LIFEPO4 battery is mainly used in power system such as the battery.

Most of the customers are interested in our batteries, and said it would further contact, we are also very welcome the arrival of the customer, and give some support.

solar system battery bullspower.jpg

Intersolar is the world's largest solar technology trade fair and the number one meeting point for everyone in the solar industry. Intersolar focuses on the Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal branches.

Exhibition range:
Solar water systems and products;Solar heating equipment;Solar building applications.Solar module, battery slice,Inverter, accessories, energy storage system, battery storage, storage battery manufacturing equipment, etc.;Other solar energy application products;PV Manufacturing equipment, silicon materials, etc


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2V-12V Solar Gel battery   1KW-20KW entire solar system  Motive power battery LIFEPO4 battery